Family Therapy

Today’s families come in all different shapes and sizes – traditional families, single parent families, blended families, same-sex parent families, etc. When functioning at its best, family life can provide a safe and secure environment for all family members to grow and develop. However, balancing the ever changing needs of each family member can become challenging during times of transition (e.g. births, marriages, adolescence, etc.) or when life unexpectedly throws family members a curve ball (e.g. illness, loss of a job, death, etc).

When communication begins to break down, family members may feel misunderstood, leading to conflict and arguments that drive a wedge between people. Rather than spending time supporting and enjoying one another, family members may find themselves feeling isolated and disconnected from each other. When power struggles, disrespect or conflict occur more frequently, family therapy may be a good option to help open new channels of communication and restore healthy family functioning.

Family therapy provides family members with an opportunity to explore interactional patterns that are creating disharmony and stress. I assist each family members with understanding their own thoughts and feelings and how their behavior affects others in the family. Family members will learn new ways to share thoughts and feelings that lead to understanding and connection. Through the creation of stronger and more resilient family bonds, all family members can once again thrive.