Couples Therapy

Relationships are hard work. Even the most resilient couples can experience challenges at some point in their relationship. As relationships evolve, couples tend to adopt interactional patterns, which can either bring partners closer together or leave them feeling further apart. As time goes by, negative cycles may become more firmly entrenched and couples can often feel as if they are having the same arguments over and over again with little or no resolution. The more that needs go unmet and hurts mount, the harder it is to reconnect. Rather than turning toward one another for comfort and support during stressful moments, partners often find themselves feeling disconnected and alone. 

As a therapist with advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), I will help you create a strong, secure and resilient bond with your partner. I will assist you with understanding your own feelings and reactions as well as those of your partner. We will identify the negative patterns that keep you from feeling connected as well as explore unmet needs or old wounds that prevent the relationship from reaching its full potential. You will learn how to express your needs, wants and desires in a way that invites your partner to respond with understanding and empathy. Rather than feeling frustrated or alone in your relationship, you will be able to face the world with your partner by your side.