Child & Teen Therapy


Growing up is not always easy. Navigating academic pressures, peer relations and family life can be challenging. For some children, therapy may focus on new ways to express emotions or change behavior while for others therapy may be about learning new social skills or building self-esteem. When working with young children and tweens, I focus on healthy emotional, social and behavioral development. I work collaboratively with parents to facilitate positive communication, implement effective parenting strategies as well as strengthen family cohesion.


Adolescence brings unique challenges for teens. Teens may struggle with academic difficulties, peer pressure, identity issues, family transitions or low self-esteem. Since getting teens to talk is not always easy, I integrate techniques from various therapeutic models to create a non-judgmental environment. The focus of therapy begins with creating a place where teens can feel supported and genuinely express themselves so that we can work through whatever issues they bring to therapy.

If you have questions about whether or not therapy would be appropriate for your child, tween or teen, please do not hesitate to contact me to find out more.